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A strong brand to support consistent and recognisable communications.

Brand identity and guidelines

Children's Action Plan

The Children’s Action Plan was established to proactively reduce child abuse and neglect in New Zealand.
The development of a strong and recognisable brand supports the programme’s work through coordinated, consistent and easily identifiable communications.
Children's Action Plan brand stationery

Illustrations were developed that use a combination of graphic shapes and material textures. These depict children in a variety of situations and can be used and reused to support the brand’s communication.

Children's Action Plan brand illustrations

Gusto developed guidelines to assist with the maintenance of a consistent communication persona across all Children’s Action Plan offices nationwide as well as the head office. Most importantly, the Children’s Action Plan identity is now flexible enough to support locally driven solutions, while maintaining a national consistency.

Children's Action Plan brand publications

Armed with robust guidelines and assets for both head office and at least 15 local agencies New Zealand-wide, the Children’s Action Plan is now able to communicate with a trusted and consistent persona while pursuing change in how New Zealanders care for and protect vulnerable children.