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A bright, bold new identity for a new coaching and mentoring company.

Brand identity

Frances Lamb

We created a modern and professional brand identity to help Frances Lamb establish her new business and build her reputation.

The cohesive identity allows her to project her company values in order to attract her ideal clients, and help her stand out from her competitors.

The brand identity encapsulates ‘the butterfly effect’ concept so her clients immediately understand the benefit of Frances Lamb’s coaching, and how it is possible to change their world by just changing one small thing.

Frances Lamb business cards Frances Lamb business cards

The ‘butterfly effect’ is conceptually continued across Frances Lamb’s communication, represented in a series of word puzzles. Starting with one word, and by changing just one letter each time, a very different word is created at the end. This transformation represents the client’s journey working with Frances Lamb.

Frances Lamb word puzzles 
Frances Lamb word puzzles Frances Lamb brand identity

The brand identity provides the company with a consistent, professional visual theme that is used across all of their communication.

Frances Lamb workbook covers