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An eye-catching community resilience campaign.

Earthquake preparedness campaign

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

Wellington experiences its fair share of earthquakes, wild weather, and other extreme events, and the best way we can cope in these situations is to be adequately prepared beforehand. We were asked to create an earthquake preparedness campaign to help communities in the Wellington region prepare in case of an earthquake or other emergency.

The campaign urged communities to reduce risks to their homes and businesses, and to know how to respond appropriately and safely. The campaign enables communities to become more resilient by providing them with information that enables them to do more for themselves.

The illustration style is fun and full of personality, with local landmarks hidden throughout the scenes to peak the interest of locals.

Gusto earthquake campaign posters

The campaign was rolled out across the region on trains, in the local newspaper, and online. The campaign message was adapted to several different formats so the primary audience, the general public of the Wellington Region, could easily become engaged.  This included posters, newspaper adverts and website banners with the confronting call to action ‘Are you Prepared?’.

Gusto earthquake campaign newspaper advertisement