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Taking a step back to look at the best way to educate tourist drivers about our unique roads

Host responsibility infographic

New Zealand Transport Agency

For international visitors to our fair land, the roads can be especially challenging and the consequences of being involved in a car accident here are far greater than if they had a crash at home.

A number of factors can contribute to this, including the expectations of a journey not matching reality, a wealth of information online that can be misinterpreted, cultural differences and driving in New Zealand conditions.

We were asked to create an infographic to help NZTA explain the importance of educating and informing visitors about New Zealand driving conditions.

The infographic visualises the journey of visiting drivers in New Zealand, and what might be required to help keep visitors safer when travelling on our roads.

We developed a continuous scene that shows a visitor’s journey from home (where they plan their journey), flying to New Zealand, and then their journey driving around New Zealand. A typical tourist driving route was depicted to help explain that New Zealand roads go through a variety of terrain, and can be windy and difficult roads to drive.