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A vibrant brand and collateral for an organisation driving opportunities for New Zealand.

Brand, website and collateral

New Zealand Productivity Commission

The New Zealand Productivity Commission works to increase productivity to improve wellbeing and outcomes for New Zealanders. They required a brand identity with a credible, dynamic and approachable persona. We developed a logo for the brand which is supported by a bright colour palette based on the colours of New Zealand.

We redeveloped the Commission’s website to be more user-friendly and inviting, invigorating a website that was formerly distinctly corporate with a friendly energy via illustrations, white space, and colour.

To support the Productivity Commission’s ongoing communications we created a series of ‘infosketches’ – a library of quick illustrations for big concepts. The illustrations enabled the Commission to communicate various concepts and issues that surround the productivity discussion, and can continue to be used on their website, in reports, and other communications.

The illustrations were developed in a collaborative brainstorming process so that the designs carried their meaning concisely, and enable readers to quickly orient themselves with the ideas put forward.