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A poster and booklet that instil a sense of ownership in a company's values

Ngā mātāpono – Our values

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

We were asked to design a poster and interactive giveaway for NZQA’s ‘Our Values’ that would instil a sense of ownership to the values and have staff see themselves and their own behaviour in them.

The design plays on the concept of flax strips, a metaphor which the NZQA values were based upon. The interactive booklet uses strips that enable the user to quickly and easily overlay any two values and see the associated list of principles. We utilised die-cut windows to mask any unrelated text whilst bringing focus to the required information. Additionally, each value strip had its own unique colour which when combined with another gave each list of principles its own distinct palette.

The greatest challenge with this project was creating a simple piece of print collateral that not only fulfilled the visual brief, but was also able to communicate only particular pieces of information at any given time. We presented the client with a small number of interactive concepts before hitting the mark with this fan-style booklet.

This interactive yet simple design proved to be an extremely popular addition to NZQA’s internal promotion of its company values.