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A collage-style animation promoting a premium Kiwi brand.

Pāmu Farms of New Zealand animation


We were asked to create an animation to support the launch of the updated Pāmu Farms of New Zealand brand. The video showcases Pāmu’s high end products and introduces consumers in New Zealand and around the world to where Pāmu came from and how it continues to grow.

For the style of the animation we were asked to visually connect the graphics we created to the distinctive illustrations on the tin of Pāmu’s Pure Organic milk. Using this tin as our single point of reference we were able to build an entire world that told Pāmu’s story in an engaging and brand-focused way.

The way we create our animations enables us to easily tweak or update the message to allow our client to speak to multiple markets. This ability to repurpose has proven to be hugely beneficial for Pāmu as they evolve their brand and continue to tell their story to an ever-growing international audience.