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An infographic campaign drawing attention to the social factors that contribute to wellbeing

Social determinants of health campaign

Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

The RACP produced an election statement highlighting several social factors that have an impact on a person’s health – good work, healthy housing, and whānau wellbeing. The statement urged the incoming New Zealand government to address these issues to improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders and reduce the knock-on effect on the health system.

Infographic campaign

The infographic campaign centred around six members of an extended family representing various stages of life. Each family member was illustrated, bringing a human face to the stories being told. Infographics were used to show the health implications of each social factor

The strength of the campaign was in its storytelling focus, using personal stories and case studies as a vehicle to highlight the evidence, health implications, and recommendations for better health outcomes.

Infographic campaign

A dial was produced as a physical interactive piece that supports the campaign’s stories and recommendations.

The campaign was enthusiastically received and the RACP was often quoted in the media on these issues leading up to the election.

Infographic campaign interactive dial