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A sweet solution to information overload.

Sugar and Health

Royal Society of New Zealand

The Royal Society of New Zealand had produced a fact sheet on the effects of sugar consumption on health. There was a real need to emphasise these findings so that the important messages were clear and easy to understand.

We used infographics and data visualisation to support the four key messages in the fact sheet. The infographics are illustrated in a simple graphic style that presents each message in a way that is playful and concise.

The infographics were summarised in a succinct one-minute animation, for those without the patience or attention span to read a four-page report.

Gusto sugar and health infographic icons
Gusto sugar and health infographic Orange Juice

The fact sheets were produced in English, te reo Māori, Samoan and Tongan to ensure the information reached a wider audience, and the findings were covered widely in the media after its release.
Illustrations from the infographics were used to promote the research on a thought provoking billboard outside the Royal Society’s building.

Gusto sugar and health infographic billboard