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What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

Identity design is a really enjoyable part of our job. Not only does it allow us to create something fresh and unique, but it also requires us to build an entire visual personality. Creating a strong brand requires a lot of various elements working together to ensure an identity successfully communicates with its audience. Usually when somebody requires design services for their start-up, the first thing they ask for is a logo. While this is no doubt important, this is really only one step in the creation of a successful identity. The real importance lies within the brand. So what is the difference between a logo and a brand?

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A Logo

To put it simply, a logo is the simplified face of an identity. It acts as a quick visual reference that can be applied across various media and enables instant recognition. While it is integral to an identity, a logo has limitations and can really only be successful when supported by a strong brand.

A Brand

A brand encompasses all interaction with an audience and is responsible for maintaining a particular position within a market. As well as containing the logo, a brand dictates the colours, typefaces, imagery, voice, and values behind an identity. Branding is responsible for the personality and defines how a company or product presents itself to the public.

The instant recognition of a logo is often why so much importance is placed on its design. That’s entirely understandable. Strong identities need strong logos. But without the solid base of a strong brand, a logo – no matter how well designed – will lack the support needed to successfully communicate with an audience.

Sometimes a brand can become so strong that it can be recognised even without the logo. Some can be instantly identified simply by colour or typeface. Next time you see an ad, ask yourself if you knew the company or product behind it before you saw the logo. If so, that is the sign of a successful brand.

So if you are looking at creating a start-up, or if you feel like your current branding is lacking, then we would love to offer you creative support in this area. It’s something we’re passionate about. Creativity is, after all, part of our brand.