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The journey of a logo

While a logo is only one element of a brand, it is often the seed from where a new brand can grow. A logo carries a lot of responsibility – not only does it have to be memorable but it has to also speak to a particular market and inform that market what the brand is about. “About” doesn’t necessarily mean what a company does, but rather what their brand personality is. Are they upmarket? Are they fun? Edgy? Innovative? Are they all four? That’s a big job for a little picture!

In the example below we were given the brief to create a logo for a new company called Polished Property Management. Their business is property management for the high-end and boutique market. Our job was to create something memorable that fit within that brief.

The first stage of the process was sketching ideas. Any and every idea gets put on paper. The good. The bad. The ugly. This is where surprises happen and when things appear that we may not have seen in our heads.

Sketches of PPM logo

For Polished Property Management we decided to focus on the concept of a diamond. This not only linked thematically to the word “polished” but also denoted quality. While that fit with the market and communicated what the company was about, a diamond alone wasn’t particularly memorable.

The second stage was to develop the diamond idea further. It was only after sketching many diamonds (sooo many diamonds) that we noticed that the top section resembled a row of houses that all led down to a single point. Eureka! This visual was perfect for further communicating what the company was about as well as making the diamond motif more memorable. Also, the visual pun was subtle enough that it didn’t cheapen the brand.

Polished Property Management logo Polished Property Management stationery

The next stage was to render the logo digitally and choose a font and colour that worked alongside it and communicated the same message. From there the brand really started to grow and was easily applied across different formats. In the end our client was super pleased with the result which, of course, is really the most important part of the process.

So with a clear direction and a blank page, a good logo can arrive at a great place.