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How to get the best out of your design team

You have a wealth of knowledge, but no time to wade through it all.

A concrete budget, but want flexible options.

And a tight timeline, so you need results first time around.

The last thing you can afford is an unsuccessful outcome. So how do you get the best out of your design team to make sure your project ticks all the right boxes?

Design is collaborative

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good design team understands design can be sensitive stuff, acting as an extension of your organisation’s brand identity and ideals. We are here to work with you to hit the mark, which comes from exploration and allowing freedom and flexibility to experiment.

Making the time to meet with your design team, prioritising early feedback, and communicating your expectations will reflect in your project’s overall success.

Sometimes it’s a home run with version one, but usually it’s a process, evolving the original idea until the perfect outcome has been reached, or surpassed!

Meet and greet

First off, meet face-to-face. Half an hour in-person is far more productive than a day’s worth of emails back and forth. It gets the project off to a strong start and ensures that you and your design team are aligned in terms of goals and direction.

An experienced design agency will guide clients through the process and put you at ease, inspiring you with their ideas along the way. Let them sieve through the sand to find gold!

Communication is key

During ANY stage of the process, feedback is welcome. However the earlier the better. Share your notes.

If you’re leaning towards a different idea, grappling with a concept, or your message changes, the best thing to do is go directly to the design team and voice any concerns.

It stops the designer going in the wrong direction but more importantly saves you time (and money!).

On the fence feedback

Constructive criticism is welcome, whether good or bad. We too want your project to be a huge success.

Design critique can be difficult. Try to be specific and provide an explanation of why you do or don’t like something. Remember it’s a seesaw rather than a tug-of-war ­– it shouldn’t ever feel like a battle but it does involve some give and take.

Feedback face-to-face or over the phone is a great way to fast-track turnaround time for each design iteration. It allows designers the time to ask questions in one hit and swiftly supply the next version.

A timely project

Define your deadlines so everyone’s on the same page.

You might be surprised at the speed different design tasks take compared to others. We’ll manage your expectations and alert you if any stage realistically requires more time, or less!

At Gusto we establish project timelines to meet your unique project milestones. These include scheduled feedback rounds to ensure the project develops with client input, rather than waiting for a ‘big reveal’ moment. You can be involved as much or as little as desired, but we’ll still check in to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Design is a process

To get the best out of your design team give them an idea of your project’s realities. Articulate your vision, limitations, and participate in design phases where you can.

You know your company better than anyone. Your information will drive the design process, igniting the design team’s imagination. It is the project’s foundation, which the designers then build on. Your input can determine the speed and success of the project.

Our designers will use their expertise to hit the ground running. Building what they can within the parameters you set. Like architects, they could take a plot of land and make a skyscraper or a cosy home, but in the end, the main measure of success is that the person using it is happy with it.