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The power for the bus goes round and round

Talk of the Town

Making waves across the Capital, you can’t have missed the launch of the new 100% electric double-decker buses earlier this month. The buses take advantage of New Zealand’s renewable energy – wind and water – both elements that can’t be avoided in Wellington.

Unveiled on July 5th, Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters marked the occasion by cutting the ribbon and letting loose the new buses. Promising lower emissions, lower environmental impact and ability to transport more commuters the benefits of the new buses are obvious. And this is just the beginning, with a goal of having 32 electric buses by 2021!

That’s a wrap

GWRC asked us to design a wrap for the first bus out of the depot. Our design played on the metlink tagline:

‘Here’s a big plug for clean air. A 100% electric bus.’

With a clear simple design, pedestrians will have no trouble identifying this bus as electric as it passes by.
The playful plug visible on the sides of the buses ties in with the distinctive, fresh, new look of the fleet.
The colours were predetermined by GWRC with safety in mind – bright yellow and lime so they can’t be missed.

Not our first rodeo

In 2016 Foodstuffs entrusted us to design the graphic wrap for their 100% electric delivery vehicles. The vehicles promote their various supermarkets, the company’s sustainable practice and the benefits of electric vehicle technology. These delivery vehicles have become an easily recognisable feature in their ever-growing eco-friendly fleet.

Gusto Design is proud to have been offered the opportunity to work on these 100% electric vehicle designs and support those promoting the environmental health of Aotearoa.

Thanks Driver!

Image: Metlink