We’re designers who care about making information enjoyable and memorable.

You have complex, important information. Our designers will help you find the most effective way for people to engage with, understand, act on and remember this information.

Our team

Diane Burney

Founder and Strategic Leader

Diane loves meeting people to talk about how we can turn their ideas into something real. It’s also an excuse for her to show off the awesome new light shade in our meeting room.
+64 4 815 8167

Annette Ellis

Creative Director

If there was an eagle who was also a skilled designer it would be Annette. All our work gets passed under the eyes of our seasoned Creative Director and comes out looking amazing.
+64 4 815 8166

Leon Mackie

Information Designer and Animator

Leon’s existence is a simple one: he eats, sleeps, and designs. As both a graphic designer and animator he likes to make things that could be boring and static not be boring and static.
+64 4 815 8162

Jono Gray

Information Designer

Jono is the newest addition to the Gusto team, ready to add his creative flair to your projects or show you pictures of his two dogs.

+64 4 815 8168

Heather Brown

Client Liaison

Heather is a multi-skilled rarity. An organiser with a keen eye for design she can see how your project can work the moment you open your mouth. It’s really something.
+64 4 815 8201

Steph Glen

Studio Manager

Steph ensures that your project runs smoothly and everyone is kept on track. She’s the lighthouse of Gusto and her beaming smile is the first thing you see when you walk into our studio.
+64 4 815 8169

Leigh Burney

Founder and Software Innovator

Co-founding Gusto 19 years ago, Leigh ensures we always meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. He is never one to sit still. Especially when our in-house dog Bella needs her walk.

Dave Duckworth


Dave is our skilled developer and Popdoc producing pro. Did you know that ’Dave’ is ‘dev’ but with one letter moved and another one put in its place? Coincidence? Nope.