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A new approach for an annual report, using data visualisation and a portable format.

New Zealand’s Medicines Landscape annual report

Medicines New Zealand

Medicines New Zealand’s asked us to create an annual report that provides an overview of their achievements for the year in an engaging and informative way.

We took a new approach for the presentation of the annual report and created a visualised summary in accessible poster and handout formats. Key messages and information were presented as a series of engaging infographics.

Key stakeholders responded positively to the new formats and data visualisation approach used for the annual report, saying the infographic format captured their attention and helped them quickly understand key messages and information.

This project was a finalist in the Business Communication category of the Best Design Awards.

New Zealand's Medicines Landscape icons

After the success of 2015’s annual review, we were asked to revisit the project for 2016.

We used an innovative new folding concept that combines the brochure and poster into one, and updated the infographics to capture the new year’s achievements.