Peak Domain Analytics


A bold and vibrant identity for an innovative new analytics product.

Peak Domain Analytics is a tool developed by NZRS (now InternetNZ) that shows domain name owners information about their domain’s performance, and allows comparison with other domain names that fall under similar categories. The ability to compare your domain name against competitors is a step up from traditional website analytics, which only tell you about the performance of your own website.

We developed a vibrant brand identity for the tool and promotional materials that sits within the InternetNZ brand family, yet stands as a complete identity. The logo suggests infographics, podiums and people. The name “Peak” was chosen as it evokes the peaks and trends revealed through website analytics, as well as being homonym for “peek” – the tool allows you to peek into your neighbour’s virtual backyard.

The online ‘brochure’ expands on the shapes in the logo, transforming the rounded oblong into a motif to highlight different pieces of information.

Peak Domain Analytics web page

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