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A fresh identity and website that gives an established business a modern edge.

Brand identity and website

Brandons Lawyers

Brandons Lawyers approached us to design a new website for the practice, but it quickly became apparent that they first needed a rebrand to reflect the modern values and approach of the 175-year-old business.
We began with a branding workshop, working with the partners to define the company’s values. What quickly rose to the surface was how people-focused Brandons is, a real point of difference from their competitors, and this is the direction that their branding took.
Brandons Lawyers brand design

The logomark is a letter ‘B’ constructed from two speech bubbles that come together and overlap, suggesting the transparent and open discussion that is integral to Brandons’ working relationship with their clients.

The colour palette is fresh and inviting, serving to help to alleviate the daunting feelings that a potential client may have when considering contacting a law firm.

This sense of approachability continues into the website, with a shift in focus from the company to their clients – who are they, and what can Brandons do for them?

Brandons Lawyers website design
Brandons Lawyers website design

The result is a brand expression which is cohesive, modern and compelling, and supports Brandons’ approachable and friendly ethos.

Brandons Lawyers rebrand before and after

A glowing review by Brandons:

‘Gusto provided an excellent service to our firm in developing our website. The team were very friendly and knowledgeable and I am delighted to recommend them.’