Added value

Creating or refining your company values is something we can fully endorse. It’s a great exercise to listen, get feedback and find out what’s really important to your team.

Gusto’s core values have always been at the centre of what we do, so we decided it was time to revisit them, and ask ourselves again: how and why do we design, and what makes us thrive as a studio? We wanted to ensure our core values are relevant, reflect our team, align with the work we’re creating and are shared by the people we work with.

After several thoughtful discussions with our team, we arrived at our new Gusto values, ones we are very proud to call our own:

We inspire, create solutions, and strive for excellence

We care, listen, and recognise each other’s challenges

We search for ways to improve and never stop learning

We build trust, are sincere and care about the work we do

We support each other to take initiative and grow

Our values act as a filter we view all projects through, ensuring we provide the best results for our clients.

But once you have confirmed your company values, what do you do with them? Company values need to be seen, accessible and available to your team and clients – so they can be lived in your day-to-day practice.

Having your company values visible helps determine if you’re on the right track, being true to your brand, and put simply, practising what you preach. They empower staff and clients to connect meaningfully with your company. So whether it’s a poster in the office kitchen, an interactive booklet for your desk, an infographic on your website, or an animation to share on social – let those values shine!

If you need help pinpointing your company values, have a look at our branding workshop.