The benefits of thinking beyond a logo

Develop a clear and consistent visual voice for your organisation and be prepared for future growth from the beginning.

A logo – the face of your organisation

To put it simply, a logo is the simplified face of an organisation’s visual identity.

It acts as a quick visual reference that can be applied across various media and enables instant recognition.

A logo is integral to an organisation’s identity but has limitations, and is only really successful when supported by a strong brand and visual language system.

A brand – the visual voice of your organisation

It’s everything that your audience sees and feels during their contact with you.

A brand encompasses the colours, typefaces, imagery and values behind an identity. As well as the logo.

It is the visual voice for your organisation. Reflecting the vision of the organisation through its visual messaging. Branding is responsible for the personality of an organisation. It defines how a company or product presents itself to the public and maintains a particular position within a market.

When you start your business (or if it’s in need of a visual refresh), rather than focusing on a logo, think to the future.

Develop a visual language system and set yourself up with a suite of visual assets that can evolve and grow with you. Including logo, typography, colour, bespoke iconography and illustrated graphics that can be adapted to work across a variety of marketing and communication collateral.

There are numerous and diverse avenues that you may want to communicate through. From presentations and publications, through all digital media, to posters, billboards, or bus backs! Some won’t even exist yet.

With a strong visual voice, and defined and consistent library of visual assets, you’ll be future-proofing the growth and development of your business.

So your audience will recognise your brand, through whatever new avenues you’re communicating.

If you feel like your current branding is lacking, then we’d love to offer you creative support.

It’s something we’re passionate about. Creativity is, after all, part of our brand.