What is information design?

Information design is an area of expertise where information is visualised in a way that is most easily understood by the audience.

It’s different from purely decorative design, because the primary goal is communicating information clearly. Good information design helps people navigate and understand increasingly complex information, data, concepts, systems and processes.

What do information designers do?

It’s all in the delivery. Our role as information designers is to transform your content so it’s understood effortlessly by your audience. Making it look good is part of the outcome, but not the only goal for us. The main driver is comprehension.

So how do we help visually realise your objectives? Our design process starts well before we take pen to paper. It’s about recognising the problem and developing a unique outcome. The concept phase is where we do the majority of our strategising. Ensuring that our initial ideas capture your information and its purpose accurately. Our information design experts use an analytical lense to filter through your information, thinking of solutions, and taking care that your key messages are presented in the best possible way for your audience to understand.

Clients come to us with a desired outcome and our task is to create the right visual assets to help them achieve it. It’s not actually the animation, illustration or infographic they’re really after. It’s the understanding the target audience comes away with after viewing a visual solution we help create. It’s the outcome. What your audience does next. That is what is important to us, and that’s what we as information designers aim to achieve.

We introduce you to the most effective ways to share your information. We deliver creative solutions that are fit-for-purpose to achieve your desired outcome. That’s our niche! Delivering your information so it lands with your audience to help create change, engagement, understanding or action. That’s what successful information design is to us.