Unveiling a fresh look

gusto blog hero illustration new logo new brand

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our bold new logo and visual identity. After nearly 25 years in the business, we believe it’s the perfect time to evolve our visual language to better reflect who we are and the work we do.

Embracing change, honouring the past

We last updated our brand back in 2019, capturing the spirit of Gusto at the time. Since then, our studio has evolved, grown, and continued to push the boundaries of information design. We wanted to embrace change, while still honouring the core values that have been the foundation of our success. Values that have guided us for nearly a quarter of a century and which continue to be the driving force behind everything we do.

The heart of Gusto Design

At Gusto, we’ve always been more than just a design studio. We are a team of storytellers, analysts and problem solvers; who create clarity, understanding and change through visualising complex information.

Breaking down the elements

  1. The Palette:

Our updated colour palette reflects the vibrancy and dynamism that defines our work. The bold, contemporary hues were selected to replicate the energy and warmth of our team.

  1. The Typography:

Our choice of typography is deliberate – friendly, clean, and highly legible. It embodies the precision and clarity we bring to every project, ensuring that our messages are not just seen but truly understood.

  1. The Logo:

An evolution of our current word mark, we have contemporised, simplified and crafted a logo that embodies the true Gusto spirit with our grinning ‘g’.
It’s a logo with gusto!

Why now?

As a contemporary design studio, we understand the importance of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. Our new logo is more than simply a visual update; it’s a reflection of our dedication to constant improvement and being at the forefront of design. It’s a commitment to consistently providing you, our valued clients and partners, with considered and current solutions.

Join us on this journey

We invite you to explore our new logo and brand identity on our website. Take a journey through the visual elements that now represent our team, and discover the story they tell about who we are and the expertise we bring to Aotearoas visual design landscape. We wholly believe you are as strong as the company you keep, so thank you for being part of our Gusto community.