Emergency Toilet Campaign

Branding the city – Visual language and information design



HCC wanted to show they were responding to the vision and aspirations of their community. Giving them a sense of the progress being made. The Annual Plan, like all the resources developed, has been created with the community in mind. Its aim is to be transparent about the council’s work, how it impacts their residents, outlining what’s next, and prompting engagement. Our visual language had to feature recognisable connections to the city and the people that live within it. The illustrations and photos included are representative of the diverse range of people living in Hutt City. Landmarks such as local shops, the Council building, even the ‘Welcome to Lower Hutt’ sign were all featured in the Plan too.

HCC icon design
Hoardings HCC

The visual billboards we designed help connect the community to the exciting HCC infrastructure projects in the works, and act as an effective way to boldly and clearly alert people to work happening in their area. Detailing in-situ; what the project is, how much money is being spent, the progress residents can expect to see, and when it can expect to be finished.

For the Pūrongo ā-Tau – Annual Report and summary we had to ensure the essential information stood out. So that navigation throughout the 200 page document was clear and easy, so HCC could effectively tell their performance story. The document needed visual design to assist in communicating the wealth of information inside. Using all the tools in our belt; a mix of photography, illustration, infographic spreads, clear design, and incorporating local landmarks and regional attributes, with a consistent visual style, we created a cohesive and engaging suite of resources for HCC that they’re proud to share with their community.

Consultation on the proposed changes to the Annual Plan was live from 31 March to 30 April 2023.
HCC published the proposed changes online, along with supporting information to help their community understand the decisions they were facing. The website was viewed by 1616 people during the consultation period.
HCC also published an online survey for our community to provide feedback on their proposals. They received 124 responses to the survey, and heard from people who sent emails and came to speak to their submission in person. They also had over 1000 people view the HCC online rates calculator to see the impact of the proposed Annual Plan on their rates bill.

Annual Report cover HCC
Plan and report spreads HCC
Gif HCC project post illsutrations
HCC Feedback 

HCC social media


New brand creation

Brand name description Herenga ā nuku
Logo explorations design studies
Before and after logo comparison Herenga ā nuku
Brand Colour palette Herenga ā nuku 
Brand font exploration design
Illustration studies brand development
New Brand Name Information Herenga ā Nuku
Pull up banner designs Herenga ā nuku
 Friendly brothers Aotearoa landscape
Social media screenshots brand examples
Brochure photo New Zealand mountain view
Family mountain photo father son
Business card letterhead brand Herenga ā nuku

Landscape bush trail Herenga ā nuku

Brand identity and website

Brand identity business cards
Solarworx presentation folder
Van signage
Solarworx brand icons

Animated infographics explain how solar power works and provide their customers with valuable information on the benefits of solar power. Solar is made simple with Solarworx.

Animated infographic

We created a sunflower seed packet as a fun giveaway item for customers that reinforces the Solarworx brand and the power of solar.

Marketing item sunflower seed packet
Solarworx website icons

The website we designed and developed presents their unique point of difference and key messages in an environment that is easy to navigate, providing visitors with a great experience.

Website homepage

The bright, friendly brand separates Solarworx from its competitors. By using clear, easy to understand design, barriers or concerns their customers might have about going solar are reduced and Solarworx is seen as a company they can trust.

Solarworx feedback:

‘Gusto has been awesome! I’ve always been a do-it-yourself kind of person, so when my business partner suggested my own logo design wasn’t up to scratch and needed professional help I was sceptical. It didn’t take long to realise he was right! From concept to design, the team at Gusto understood how we were wanting to portray ourselves and hit the nail on the head with our new brand. We now have an identity unlike any other in our industry! Thanks Gusto’

Government visual identity

Spreads from Regulatory Services Group's strategy document

Our design concept for RSG’s government visual identity incorporates Māori design. It’s a fresh take on DIA’s raranga (weave) pattern, bringing together multiple woven strands with upward facing chevrons to signify excellence. We applied this design concept throughout the strategy document to guide the viewer through the information. Key information, such as focus areas, are highlighted. We designed a strategy-on-a-page so that RSG can quickly showcase its vision, purpose and principles. Posters for the DIA offices also share this information.

Vision, purpose and key focus area posters

We produced a video to support the launch of the strategy, explaining RSG’s key focus areas. The design of the graphics connect directly to the strategy document, giving consistency for the audience.

Starting frame of video
Still from Regulatory Services Group's strategy video

Eating and Activity Guidelines

Eating and Activity Guidelines concept sketch and final illustration

A large, bespoke suite of icons were created to support content headings and make it easy to navigate through the different eating and activity sections.

Eating and Activity Guidelines icons

The document’s recommendations are easy to digest through a consistent use of infographics, iconography, and typographic structure.

MOH - Eating and Activity Guidelines inside spreads 

Eating and Activity Guidelines inside spreads

The Eating and Activity Guidelines is now a visually inviting, contemporary document that clearly communicates evidence-based recommendations for New Zealand adults.

Campaign design for the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan

MOH-smoMOH smokefree campaign poster and factsheet

The campaign materials align with the look and feel established by a commissioned photograph for the Action Plan document. The materials place emphasis on people and families with natural and relaxed photography throughout. The design is light and airy, evoking clean air and open skies.

The printed materials are structured and eye-catching, with icons and coloured tabs drawing attention to key information.

Smokefree campaign icons
Stills from the MOH smokefree campaign animation

The animated video brings the Action Plan to life with a montage of smokefree milestones already passed and the contribution of advocates and organisations that have gotten us here. Selfie videos woven in at the end of the video – community members expressing Aotearoa’s smokefree aspirations in their own words – underscores the Action Plan’s emphasis on communities and people.

Recognising the Action Plan’s focus on equity, the campaign materials are available in English, Te Reo Māori, plus five Pacific languages to ensure a wide reach in the communities that are most harmed by smoking.

The Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan has been discussed on RNZ, Stuff, NZ Herald and international media.

Feedback from The Smokefree 2025 Team:

‘Ngā mihi nui to the team at Gusto for helping us develop media for our Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 campaign. You were extremely flexible and open to the fast paced changes, requests and ideas, and produced beautiful work that seamlessly built on the Action Plan campaign look and feel. Ka rawe e te Gusto tīma!’

Policy documents

Insurance policy document

Infographics explain complex processes enabling customers to easily understand what they are covered for and how to make a claim.

Insurance policy document

Both documents achieve the WriteMark. This is awarded after being checked against rigorous criteria, and means the policies are focused on the needs of the intended audience, are easy to read, understand, and act on.

Achieving this standard communicates SCTI’s commitment to understanding their customers’ needs and ensures their customers get the best experience when selecting them as a travel insurance provider.

Insurance policy document

The fresh policy designs take the stress out of travel planning, removes any guess work, and gives customers peace of mind before they head out on their adventures.

Insurance policy document icons Southern Cross Travel Insurance feedback:

‘We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Gusto team on two projects. Each time, the team has been a dream to work with, offering regular communication and meticulous attention to detail. They’re also incredibly responsive and the quality of work is just superb. We look forward to working with them again very soon on future projects.’


Insurance policy document

Publication design

Our design uses consistent layout, illustration, colour and typography to guide the reader and help them focus on the information in a structured way. Key messages and quotes from leading professionals are given particular focus. We re-designed the graphs and tables to highlight the data referenced in the text – particularly the current problems of the health system.

Each recommendation has a unique illustration to visually describe the message, summarise and support the content. Our illustration design builds on the existing conference icon of the heartbeat and harakeke flax so that the audience can connect the document to the event. The cover illustrations reinforce the idea of equity, supporting the message that ASMS wants to communicate to New Zealand’s leaders.

Icons used in the report

Feedback from ASMS:

‘We have teamed up with Gusto on several projects – it’s always a pleasure and they deliver exceptional results. They are able to analyse data and information and turn it into engaging, eye-catching content which helps tell a story and convey key messages. The team is professional and make the creative and editing processes so easy. They are great to deal with and definitely give our publications the X-factor.’

Hoki ki ngā tūāpapa – Back to basics animation campaign series

We created a beginning sequence using NDHB’s gifted Ngā Tātai Ihorangi branding to frame each message. Another familiar detail you’ll spot throughout these animations is the yellow COVID-19 branding. We used this as a transition device for the end sequence, ensuring people connect their broader wellbeing and the COVID-19 response.

The peppy voiceover and music track was repurposed from a recent radio campaign. It helps drive the animations along at a quick pace.

A selection of initial sketches for the storyboards

Character style concept design

For this project we also created fully illustrated storyboards to help the client visualise the animation

Northland District Health Board feedback:

“Throughout the process, the team at Gusto were excellent to work with, and they have done a great job. The design team members used their initiative and offered creative solutions, which has resulted in the production of six 30-sec animations for broadcast on digital platforms.”