Animation series for digital learning


Character animations to help young people choose their pathway in life.

Start-up company Minded approached us to create a series of eight animations for their digital learning experiences that aim to give young people the critical skills required to be successful in both work and life. The animations would be used in their work with education providers, government and corporate sponsors to support young people and second chance learners.

The animations focussed on Minded’s distinct and modern palette and their use of six shapes that play a prominent role throughout their branding and learning tools. The use of character animation allowed us to literally bring these shapes to life and create personalities to help communicate Minded’s key messages.

Minded cross character

It was important that the animations appealed to a younger audience while not coming across as too childlike. A balance between entertainment and clear communication was integral to these animations being successful components of Minded’s teaching tools.

Minded circle character

At the end of the project we were able to create individual pieces of artwork from illustrations used in the animations. This allows Minded the option to choose from a large library of graphics when creating their ongoing print and digital collateral with us in future.

Feedback from Minded:

‘Gusto have gone above and beyond for us delivering quality animations when we needed them. They have shaped our ideas into engaging and powerful videos. All our customers love the animations and they really help to convey our message.’

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