Keeping staff and shareholders in the loop about TAS's continuing journey

Business Plan animation and poster

Central Region Technical Advisory Services Limited

Central Region Technical Advisory Services Limited (TAS) are a professional services organisation who provide a range of strategic, advisory, and programme management services to the health sector. After developing a new business plan for the financial year ahead, they wanted a unique way for their CEO to share it directly with their staff and shareholders.

TAS needed a fresh visual approach for an animation and poster that would match their fresh business plan. Along with a new look, it was also important for TAS was that this message was as much a story as it was a business plan. They wanted to let all staff and shareholders know that they were all part of a journey.


TAS office building with staff inside

With this in mind we created a concept reminiscent of a pop-up book, with scenes rolling into view in a very linear, story-like way. This visual technique takes the viewer through a beginning-to-end narrative, while allowing the details behind the business plan to be clearly communicated.

TAS team members

A majority of the illustrations created for the animation were then repurposed for the poster. Here the concept of a journey was continued in an illustration, where the viewer could travel around a world that is made from the work TAS is doing within their organisation and throughout the community.

The response to both the animation and poster has been hugely positive. We loved the opportunity to be able to create a fresh and unique approach, enabling TAS to continue to involve, and recognise, those who play a role in their ongoing story.

Feedback from Central Region Technical Advisory Services Limited (TAS):

‘Thanks Gusto for bringing our vision to life in such a creative and inspiring way. You captured the essence of our strategy with your unique storytelling approach. It was a great process from the initial conversations through to the storyboard phase and finally the animation process.’


TAS harnessing smart thinking on health poster