A region-wide campaign to spread awareness of Community Emergency Hubs

Community Emergency Hubs campaign

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

WREMO asked us to put together a region-wide campaign to spread awareness of Community Emergency Hubs and encourage people to find out where their closest Hub is.

Community Emergency Hubs are a meeting point for a communities during an emergency response, a place to come together and support each other, find out information if the phone network is down, and help with the local clean up. They are opened for the community, by the community. Formerly known as Civil Defence centres, their new name is not widely known and the role of Hubs after a disaster is not well understood.

The campaign was visually tied to the Earthquake Planning Guide for Households, to maintain a consistent WREMO voice.

Campaign material was plastered over Wellington for two months, with street posters, a flyer drop, and bus backs pushing three key messages.

Posters and bus back from the WREMO Community Emergency Hubs campaign all over town

Online, a series of short animations supplemented these messages, and were shared on social media.


Animated gif that shows what you should do if the network is down after an earthquake


The campaign was a success, with a marked increase in visitors to the hubs website GetPrepared.co.nz/hubs and people requesting information about hubs in their neighbourhood.