Financial services animation series


Expanding on a new brand with a fun animation series

After a recent brand refresh, the financial services company Booster needed a series of animations that perfectly fit with their new unique look and feel.

The series, focussed around educating the public on different savings and investment options, needed to be told using their new visual approach consisting of line art over top of boldly photographed objects.

What excited us about this job was Booster’s requirement to tell their story within these visual perimeters. It presented us with an opportunity to explore a different approach with not only how we would tell each story, but how we would animate them.

Jenga blocks with house drawn over the top

Our approach was to connect the message behind each of the animations to its own unique visual theme (gardening, navigation, birthdays, and board games) and then use only objects associated with those themes. This provided a consistent visual story for each animation and kept the overall message focussed.

Watering can with dollar sign drawn over top, garden gnome with tick mark next to it and pile of tomatoes with a cross drawn over the top

We used the traditional animation technique of stop motion to bring the selected static objects to life. This method demands a great deal of patience, requiring an animator to move objects in small increments while taking a single frame of footage per increment. For every 1 second of animation we had to capture 12 frames, meaning that something as simple as a spinning globe required almost 100 separate photos.

Another unique element behind the visual story was the inclusion of the line art. Used within the new Booster branding to humorously add context to their photographed objects, we applied the same approach to the animation but with the added benefit of movement. This brought the animations to life, tied them to Booster’s existing brand collateral, and ensured they communicated their key messages to their audience.

Cloud raining over top of tomato plant

We had a whole lot of fun pushing the boundaries with Booster, and creating a series for them that fit within their fresh new brand. Any excuse to bake a cake is okay by us!

Booster feedback:

‘Great team to work with. They engaged with the brand at a high level, took on board feedback intuitively and produced an all-round quality set of animations we’re proud to use.’

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