Infographic suite

FMG Insurance

A suite of infographics that improve communication with New Zealand farmers.


  • Infographic design
  • Illustration
  • Information design
FMG Advice Report

Being that FMG’s reports are discussed with the client face-to-face, the introduction of these illustrative infographics were designed to help prompt discussion. Pieces of important information have now been given much more attention, further clarifying for the client the relevant risks and data around their farm and household.

FMG Advice Report Infographics

As farmers also rely on online communication, the next stage was to supply the infographic suite in a format for FMG’s website. They saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring these to life by turning them into animated gifs.

The way the static infographics were created made for a straight-forward conversion to animation. The addition of movement and storytelling allowed FMG to further reinforce the main message behind each statistic in an even more engaging way.

Starting with a list of claim statistics on a Word document, FMG now own a suite of infographic collateral that can be used across their print, website and social media platforms in a variety of ways. One of these animated infographics shared on the FMG Facebook page already has over 50,000 views!

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