Future State brochure

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

An illustrated vision of the future for New Zealand’s education system.


  • Infographic design
  • Illustration

NZQA asked us to put together a brochure to illustrate the future of New Zealand’s qualifications framework. This vision combines the interests of learners, communities, employers, schools and tertiary providers.

NZQA wanted us to illustrate this vision as a connected landscape that shows education extends beyond the traditional classroom. Despite referencing the future, the landscape needed to be realistic but not futuristic.

Our approach depicts this landscape as a single scene, with each activity illustrated by a person or group. These illustrated components link together to take you on a journey through this vision.

Future State brochureFuture State brochure

Illustration was a great approach for this job because we were able to have complete control over what was included in the scenes, what the landscape looks like, and how everything connects together.

The concertina fold format supports the landscape concept by enabling the five sections to be separated onto different pages, without visually breaking up the connected scene.

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