Government visual identity

Department of Internal Affairs – Regulatory Services Group

Government visual identity to reflect the important work of the Regulatory Services Group over the next five years


  • Information design
Spreads from Regulatory Services Group's strategy document

Our design concept for RSG’s government visual identity incorporates Māori design. It’s a fresh take on DIA’s raranga (weave) pattern, bringing together multiple woven strands with upward facing chevrons to signify excellence. We applied this design concept throughout the strategy document to guide the viewer through the information. Key information, such as focus areas, are highlighted. We designed a strategy-on-a-page so that RSG can quickly showcase its vision, purpose and principles. Posters for the DIA offices also share this information.

Vision, purpose and key focus area posters

We produced a video to support the launch of the strategy, explaining RSG’s key focus areas. The design of the graphics connect directly to the strategy document, giving consistency for the audience.

Starting frame of video
Still from Regulatory Services Group's strategy video

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