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An animation celebrating the work NZ nurses perform for the public.

‘Nurses everywhere in health’ animation

New Zealand Nurses Organisation

New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) approached us to create an animation that would inform New Zealanders about the role nurses play in our everyday lives. With over 50,000 registered and enrolled nurses throughout the country, you really can find them everywhere.

Nurses Everywhere in Health

The animation follows a nurse’s journey through the different levels of the health services that they provide. Statistics provided by NZNO helped tell the story about the huge amount of work nurses perform for the New Zealand public.

Still image from nursing animationStill image from nursing animation

The animation used the NZNO brand colours applied to simple characters and settings to tell this story. The style is open and clean and the animation minimal so as to not distract from the messages throughout. Additionally, the graphics developed for the animation have enabled us to create a library of assets that are now being used across NZNO’s other collateral.

Feedback from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation:

‘Gusto are very customer focused and take on board feedback very quickly without fuss. They are quick with their design estimates and open to adjustments on all fronts. Good communicators.’