Open data video series

Stats NZ

A video series that shows the positive impact of using open government data

The value of data lies in its use. People that provide data to government, and agencies who hold that data, are likely to have little awareness of open data, or what it could be used for to benefit New Zealanders.

The video series shares stories of New Zealand organisations who using open data to make workplaces safer, improve people’s lives, and empower people with better choices.

The availability of new open government data sets and sophisticated technologies enables new and exciting data uses that can transform New Zealanders’ lives.

These video stories motivate government agencies to release open data, and inspire innovators with potential opportunities to use open government data.

How can workers stay safe? Using data to share hazards and risks

The video above shares the story of SaferMe, which uses critical hazard data to keep workers safe out in the field.

Where are disability parks? Using data to improve access

This video shares the story of CCS Disability Action’s partnership with SaferMe to develop an app, Access Aware, for people to see the location of mobility car parks on a map, and also report mobility parking abuse in real time.

Where do your rates go? Making data more accessible

This video shares the story of Orbica’s partnership with Environment Canterbury to help them communicate to customers where their rates get spent.

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