Our story

Office of the Children's Commissioner

A unique storytelling piece that captures an organisation's successes, challenges and priorities going forward


  • Illustration
  • Information design

Our concept for the design was to create an unfolding diorama of a New Zealand landscape filled with information about OCC’s work so far and their goals for the upcoming year.

Using the OCC brand palette we developed an illustration style that showed kiwi kids doing a variety of activities, and included distinctly New Zealand background details.

The design worked as both a small self-contained layered scene as well as the large diorama, allowing it to be displayed in two different formats.

This job was a great way to explore the possibilities within the perimeters of brochure design and create something unique to the OCC brand. The final result was a design that OCC were proud to have part of their ongoing work for New Zealand children.

Office of the Children’s Commissioner feedback:

‘Your design team simply ‘got it’ right away and distilled our ideas into a beautiful and effective piece of storytelling. We love what you have created for us and it’s been a seamless experience to work with you.’

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