Animated slideshow

QMS Media

An engaging presentation that pushes the boundaries of a familiar tool.

QMS are a leading outdoor media company in New Zealand and Australia who specialise in digital and static billboards and commuter networks. To promote the benefits of digital advertising they required a presentation aimed towards marketing and comms teams.

A large number of QMS representatives needed to use this presentation, so we created it on a platform they all felt confident using – PowerPoint. QMS are a company that prides itself around innovation so we felt that a traditional slideshow wouldn’t quite do the trick. So to communicate their level of innovation, we decided to create a Powerpoint presentation that didn’t look like it was created within, well, PowerPoint.

An underused feature within PowerPoint is its animation feature that allows the user to apply basic animated effects to graphics within each slide. This tool alone is quite limited, but by using multiple layers of graphics and some creative timing, we created a presentation that more closely resembles an animation than a slideshow.

To ensure QMS’s visual messaging worked within the perimeters of PowerPoint’s animation feature, we developed an illustration style that produced consistency across all the animations, resulting in a cohesive and seamless presentation.

^ A selection of assets created for the presentation.


The benefit of creating an animated presentation is that it plays like an animation but allows each presenter to have total control over the pacing and cues. A single click triggers each sequence, transforming each slide into an engaging and vibrant animation.

As an added benefit, we supplied the final presentation in a filetype that allowed presenters to use whatever slideshow app they preferred, be it to a large room or an online audience.

By pushing the boundaries of familiar tools, we can create unique and flexible solutions for you and your team to confidently communicate messages in an engaging way.

QMS feedback:

‘What a pleasure to work with an agency who is professional, really good at what they do and who delivers absolutely to the brief – all done remotely and with no previous dealings with the Gusto team. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them, they clearly listened to what we wanted and came back with a solution, that was both creative and to the highest standard. Everything was easy, I’m more than delighted with the output and I hope to have an opportunity to work with Gusto again in the future.’

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