School transport assistance animation

Ministry of Education

An animation that explains how Government-funded transport assistance can help students get to school

For some students it can be hard to get to school or kura. Their school is far away from their home, or they don’t have public transport options available. Fortunately, Government-funded transport assistance may be available. This could help a student secure a place on a school bus. We worked with the Ministry of Education to create a clear and engaging animation for schools, caregivers and whānau to explain the criteria that students need to meet to access support for getting to school.

Working closely with MOE, we reviewed their script to ensure key messages were clear and easy to understand. We also managed the recording of a professional voiceover narration, to bring the right energy and tone to the animation.

After script development, we created the visual concept for the animation. Then designed and developed storyboards to support the script in a clear and cohesive way. We developed a new friendly and clear animation style, applying MOE’s unique brand graphics and colours. From this, grew a cast of characters, who included primary and secondary school students and caregivers, and a bus controller. With our characters and infographic approach, we clearly communicated the details of the criteria students need to fulfil to be eligible for assistance.

Then with animation, we brought it all to life! The final video shows how school transport assistance can help get students to school, and takes the viewer along for the ride.

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