Social determinants of health campaign

Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

An infographic campaign drawing attention to the social factors that contribute to wellbeing.

Campaign posters that show the College's recommendations for healthy housing and good work
Campaign poster that shows the College's recommendations for whānau wellbeing

The strength of the campaign was in its storytelling focus, using personal stories and case studies as a vehicle to highlight the evidence, health implications, and recommendations for better health outcomes. The campaign was enthusiastically received and the RACP was often quoted in the media on these issues leading up to the election.

During the month of the campaign RACP had the largest share of the media audience among its main competitors (other medical colleges, societies and associations) – the first time the RACP has achieved this result.

440,000 people have seen the campaign’s messages and 34,794 people have seen the #MakeItTheNorm hashtag – resulting in 648 likes, retweets and link clicks.

Infographic campaign interactive dial
After the success of this campaign, RACP are continuing its development so they can be instrumental in creating positive social change. We created a series of “report cards” to show, after two years of work, how well is the coalition government progressing making healthy housing, good work and whānau wellbeing the norm for people in Aotearoa NZ?

The report cards follow the same six family members, all two years older, what difference new policies have made on their lives, and what further they need to thrive.

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