Pacific education animation

The Pacific Community (SPC)

An animation that provides an important status update about education in the Pacific.

The Pacific Community (SPC) along with UNESCO asked us to create an animation about the status of education throughout the Pacific region. The animation was shown at the Forum Education Ministers Meeting 2018 and aimed to highlight the current issues facing Pacific students’ pathway to success. The theme of this year’s Forum gathering was “Building a strong Pacific: Our Islands, Our People, Our Will”.

Designed for an international audience covering the entire Pacific region, it was integral that we found an engaging visual language that spoke to as many people as possible. We also needed to remain focussed on the core message: that education is a priority area for Pacific Island countries, particularly when it comes to improving student learning outcomes.

Coconut starting to sprout
Pacific school children in uniform outside school

As a result of our research of Pacific schools and the data supplied by SPC, we were able to develop a set of graphics, scenes, and palette that were unique to both the audience and to the SPC brand. These graphics acted as a perfect vehicle to communicate the message in an engaging and relatable way.

The animation was met with a great response and has helped clarify the questions around education in the Pacific region and the issues that need to be addressed.

Infographic showing education rates for girls and boys
 Pacific boy sitting at desk in classroom

Feedback from The Pacific Community (SPC):

‘I really liked the flexibility with which your team worked with ours…turnaround times were fantastic! I loved the visuals and graphics and how everything was original and catered to our needs.’

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