Value proposition animation

Gallagher Co-Pilot

An animation giving small business owners a good reason to be alarmed...

Gallagher is a global leader in innovation, manufacturing, and security solutions. Gallagher recently created an app-based security system, Gallagher Co-Pilot, to simplify security for small businesses. As this is a new product, they required marketing material to both illustrate the benefits behind their solution and establish a brand voice.

Gallagher let us know early on that they wanted to use animation to promote the features of their app. By using a set of unique characters and a clear script, they knew they could showcase this new product on their website in a more succinct and engaging way than simply text on a page.

After working with Gallagher to write the script, we moved onto the various character designs. They wanted these characters to be humorous but not too cartoony. It was important that while a sense of fun was part of the brand, the product’s reliability and ease of use was also clearly communicated.

Using a flat style along with Gallagher’s existing palette, the cast of characters we developed fit within the brand while also introducing an illustration style that could be used across the various Gallagher Co-Pilot marketing collateral.

^ The cast of characters.


For social media, we expanded upon the main animation by creating four shorter versions that each focussed on one of the product’s key benefits. These 1-minute long animations gave Gallagher the ability to repeatedly market their product across platforms predominately based around shorter messaging.

The animations were really well-received and have provided Gallagher with a fresh wealth of visual collateral that is unique to their Gallagher Co-Pilot product and their overall brand.

Gallagher Co-Pilot feedback:

‘Gusto have been amazing to work with. They were quick to understand our needs and the Gallagher Co-Pilot value proposition and created a style that suited perfectly. Their work is high in quality and they’re fast to produce it. It’s been great to see our personality come to life and we’re looking forward to having Gusto create further content for us in the future.’

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