GIFs aren’t just for cats

Gifs aren’t just internet gimmicks, they can be informative and beautifully designed pieces of content.

Like infographics, animated gifs are a great way to present complex ideas and data in an engaging and accessible format. Animated gifs can be used in presentations to help tell your story and capture your audience. They are easy to share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter; making them a crucial tool in your social media arsenal.

Social media gifs

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) asked us to create a scroll-through, graphic novel style animation, depicting interactions between housing, school/work and whānau wellbeing, and the subsequent health outcomes, through the experiences of a 10 year-old boy, Tom, and his whānau. We created a series of gifs for them that have been shared across RACP’s social media as direct links to view the story via their website.

For Contact Energy, we designed a series of animated gifs to share on Instagram. With a new geothermal station to be built at the base of Tauhara Maunga, Contact wanted to Taupō residents to have access to all the information they needed at all stages of the process. What better way than deliver this information straight to their mobiles.

Instagram story animation 1
Instagram story animation 2
Instagram story animation 3

Website gifs

FMG provide farmers with specialist advice to help them make informed decisions. We created animated versions of their infographics that they use on their website. The addition of movement and storytelling allowed FMG to further reinforce the main messages behind their important stats in an even more engaging way.